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While iPhones and well most technology is developing every day, not all features are keeping up with our needs, for example the limited storage space.

Whether you use your smartphone for photography, apps or music, you’re likely too of hit breaking point once in your life, when It comes to your storage.

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There are many ways to get more storage available on your phone, such as buying a higher spec iPhone with more memory, but this is quite an expensive option.

There’s nothing worse when that “no storage available” message comes up when your just about to take a picture. The first thing you think is your going to have delete all your favourite pictures from that holiday you went on, or your favourite songs from that playlist.

You may not know it but there are many other ways to inch back some space on your iPhone without deleting the things that are important to you.

Being ruthless with deleting files on your iPhone will always help, but there are several tips you can take up before you get to that stage. Here are some suggestions for a quick phone clean up.

The first step is finding out what exactly is taking up the most space. Go to the settings app and from there click through to storage and iCloud usage. Then go to manage storage, here you should be able to see a list, of every app in order and just how much space they are taking.

If you click on a specific app you will be shown two pieces of key information.

1: the amount of space used by the app

2: the amount of space used by the apps documents and data.

For example, if you were looking at your photos and camera app, it will tell you how much the app itself is taking and the amount the photos themselves are taking.

You should be able to use this information in the storage usage section to guide you through your iPhone. Think about what apps you prioritize and what apps you haven’t used recently. For example, if a holiday app you downloaded last summer is taking a lot of space and you haven’t used it in over a month, its probably not important to you, so think do you really need it? If you do delete it, remember you can re download it again whenever you like.

When you have looked through all the apps, I can guarantee there will be at least one app that you forgot was even on your phone and you probably haven’t used it since you first downloaded it. So be brutal and just delete it.

Even if it’s an app you’ve paid for, your details will have been saved, so you can still download them at any time, free of charge.

While photos and videos on your gallery may hold a lot of meaning for you, the reality Is they do take up far more space than you realise. While you shouldn’t delete these forever, it Is a good idea to back these up so that they are available to download at any time, you can use Google Photos, or iCloud to back up images and videos rather than storing your entire photo and video history on your device. Another great option is to use a Drobox account linked up to your iPhone – as this allows you to back up your files directly from your phone, rather than connecting it to a laptop or desktop Mac.

If you don’t want to back up your photos and videos to somewhere like drop box, then I would recommend to go through your gallery and delete photos/videos that may of been duplicated, for example you have a photo that has been sent to you multiple times. Photos and videos that you don’t need anymore can be deleted, as they all add up and before you know it you have deleted 100 photos.

Deleting conversations such as text messages or WhatsApp messages is a very good way to up your storage. If you have conversations from over two months ago, or if you sent a lot of images on a text, then it will be hogging up a lot of space. Chances are you don’t need them 100 messages, or the photos either as there already on your gallery, so deleting your conversations is a good option.

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