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Did you know that over 80% of instagram users are outside of the U.S? Its an app that you can post pictures and videos. Also you can communicate on different way and you can express yourself. Instagram is a tool that you can use to find out social events, also the type of posts they can post for everyone to see for example memes, meme videos, videos/pictures of yourself or family, and or friends. Instagram is an app that you can post pictures and videos you can also comment on people’s post or send a direct message. It is similar to facebook but have more applications to this app. The founders of facebook bought Instagram. Now usually when you install the instagram app you will see at the bottom ‘log in with facebook’ because there linked. You do not need a facebook to have an instagram.

Things you post everyone can see it if you have your account on public but if you go into settings you can put your account on private so only you can accept the people that can follow you/see your posts. The types of things on Instagram. Instagram has many varieties of pages like asmr, gaming, memes which is one if my personal favorites but, there’s so much more that could fit what you like. Those are just some things but then there’s group pages where multiple people can run the account and you can share your opinion on things. In addition there’s a page that is called ‘the explore page’ where the type of stuff that you like or save pops up on there also you can also search hashtags and people on there. There are social events that happen on instagram like polls, common events and you can also go live and people can do reports. As I say ‘event’ I mean like a huge book event or car event etc.

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Also you can find news like on what’s happening around the world depending on where you live. In Conclusion, these are just some basic things I’ve research and or know about instagram. There is way more things about the app was make ect. This app has grown so much from how it started. I also personally enjoy this app.

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