A Movie Analysis of 12 Angry Men, a Movie by Sidney Lumet

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Updated: Nov 10, 2022
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This movie is one of the best that has ever been made. I believe that the writer dan incredible job with the script which is not what them. When this is viewed several times it just seems to get be . The many fine points that are within this Simwelke nohem has ever done. This is a tim that is shot in black and who This is most ng because them is some what a good vs. evil or black and white Smallement these are so much tun to notice throughout the film.

This is shot mostly in a jury room whom the one to decide the olan 18 year old who is accused of king his tacher Wein the jury on the independs on the actors to make the masterpiece that is. The actors are Martin Baia E G Marshall, Jack Klugman, Jack Warden and Ed Begley play s porting role as rosas tension develops between Lee Cobb and Henry Fonds, the only jurorto vote a murder suspect not guilty on the jury’s first vote. All the s on this ale jury are different and each have perfect roles.

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The acting is superb. The sphy buttegren year old immigrant on trial for this father’s murder could not look more like a victim of the system and these jurors on the honest day of the year, 100 us to get on with their lives. When Fonda, calm and self-deprecating, wants to investigate the evidence further, the annoyance of the rest of the jury becomes evident as the use racist Ines such as These people are dangerous, wild.” They don’t know what the truth is,” “Slums are breeding grounds for criminals, and “They are violent by neure are al statements which reveal the US vs. them” fear of immigrants that they have. It is these slurs that the main character uses against them to prove that they really need to stop and think logicly about the facts in the case. The black and whitefimis appropriate to issues of right and wrong, a murder trial and the death penalty. The Camera work, focusing on the lors faces and the attitudes they reveal, and small dues about the backgrounds of individual jurors create a large canvas of twelve angry men who will decide whether the accused will live or die. Small sub-scenes within the jury room are the most interesong which give actors an opportunity to interact, and Joseph Sweeney Ouro 19)the elderly or first convinced by Fonda’s arguments is particularly memorable for his worth and his ability to be honorable when a man needs his support.

I don’t really know how to mention all of the best point of the film in some of my favorite lines:

  1. Juror 33 He don’t even speak good English immigrant juror corrects him 2. Juror 43 ‘ you yell i will kill you you mean it. Let me go I will kill him
  2. Juror 33 “You could throw out all the other facts.
  3. Juror 3 about the witness. “HE Dested in open court he was sure about be sure about anything
  4. Ajror offers a cough drop and juror 48 accepts it making friends
  5. Juro 18 comes to the aid of the lone juror 3 and reassures Nim while theacket characters by black and white

I think this is one of the best movies of time with just dialog this is extremely exigim. With no special effects is truly amag and one of my favorite movies of all me lart explain how the wholem mehe perfectly thoughout the film. The many symbols, the camera angles, the humidity in the room, the back and white color the personales of all the mors, everything es perfectly to the image. THIS MOVE IS TRULY INCREDIBLE.

A Movie Analysis of 12 Angry Men, a Movie by Sidney Lumet essay

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