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  • How To Write A Good Speech About Another Person

    Students are often asked to write a speech about other people. You can be assigned to talk about your friend, relative, teacher, or a famous person. To do it well, you should concentrate on what you can tell about this person to others and what you...

    16 Feb 2020 • Student Tips

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  • How To Write A Capstone Project Outline: Steps and Example

    A capstone project, which is also called a culmination project, is used to show your skills and what you have learned from studying. To write it well, you need to use your communicative skills, work with teams, do research, gather information, and ...

    14 Feb 2020 • Capstone Project Writing Guides

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  • Easy Team Building Activities For College Students

    When you imagine a student, you think about learning at university, reading books, writing papers. However, they have many other activities that help them relax and entertain. Learning and relaxing are connected and playing or walking with other pe...

    12 Feb 2020 • Student Tips

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  • Good Hook Ideas To Start Your Essay

    Every college student will agree that writing an essay is hard. It takes lots of time for generating excellent and fresh ideas, connecting all pieces and arguments together, organizing the paper, and proofreading it to ensure that it meets the requ...

    08 Feb 2020 • Essay Writing Guides

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  • 45 Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics In 2020

    Need something different for your essay? What do you say about cause and effect topics? Not only will receive all the attention of your colleagues and your teacher, but you will get the best grades. Making stories about an individual topic can b...

    06 Feb 2020 • Essay Writing Guides

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  • Good Human Resources Dissertation Topic Ideas

    Writing a dissertation can be complicated. When you’re going to start writing one, there are many factors to maintain to produce a successful, high-quality paper. For instance, picking the topic is very important; if you choose the wrong one, those...

    02 Feb 2020 • Dissertation Writing Guides

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  • Chronological Order In Essay Writing

    When writing a lab report connected with specific events, you can present them in a different order and you are not required to sort them by date or year. There are, however, many academic papers that should be organized in a specific order. That i...

    31 Jan 2020 • Essay Writing Guides

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  • 60 Informative Essay Topics

    What is an informative essay? By looking at the name, you may have the gist of what to expect with this assignment, but with so much at stake,  it’s easy to have second thoughts on what your teacher expects. What is required in this work and are th...

    29 Jan 2020 • Essay Writing Guides

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  • How To Make a Bullet List For APA Or MLA Formatting

    Whether you are writing a formal article, blogging, completing an academic essay or thesis, bullet lists are an important tool to add some flare to your work. There are, however, some important rules to follow when using lists in your work. We’ve c...

    25 Jan 2020 • Student Tips

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  • Guide On Writing A Psychology Research Paper

    What could be more important for psychology students than writing? There are many different academic assignments you will have to write while you are studying when conducting your own academic research. At first, it seems complicated. But anyway it...

    23 Jan 2020 • Research Paper Writing Guides

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