Guidelines on Formatting a Literature Review

13 Nov 2019

What is a literature review?

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77 Best Topic Ideas For Narrative Essay

11 Nov 2019

Narrative essays are written and presented as stories. It is a good opportunity to share your experience, show your point of view on specific events in your life, and develop your storytelling skills.  The popularity of this task explains why students of almost any faculty and course can be assigned to write and present a narrative essay on a specific topic.

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How to Write a Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

09 Nov 2019

PapersOwl is an education platform, that can write papers for you on any academic area: history, marketing, management, nursing, biology, etc.

When you’re ready to write a research paper, you should start with an introduction. These sentences will form the entire thesis that you will explore in the body paragraphs in the rest of the paper. You should explain the topic and explain the importance of your research as well as its results. It may seem a little strange to write your introduction after writing the whole essay, but this is a great practice to follow.

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How To Write An Autobiography Essay?

07 Nov 2019

Writing an autobiography essay can be even harder than completing an essay on a general topic. This issue is not so common but it can define the future of your education or even job because it often required as a part of application documents. Read this article, follow the instructions, and make your autobiography essay brilliant.

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How To Start A Compare And Contrast Essay?

05 Nov 2019

Steps In Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Best Capstone Project Topic Ideas

03 Nov 2019

How To Choose Topic For Capstone Project?

A capstone project also called a graduation project, allows you to show what you have learned in your years of higher education. Formats and sizes of such projects can be different, depending on the course and college requirements.

The goal of this academic assignment for students is:

  • to learn to think critically
  • to plan ahead
  • to keep deadlines
  • to work in teams
  • to communicate with colleagues about what is crucial in a good education
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85 Actual Topics For Research Paper In Biology

01 Nov 2019

One of the most complex assignments during college is writing a biology research paper. This assignment requires conducting an in-depth study of a scientific topic that could take a lot of time.

There are many questions that biology student worry about with these kinds of papers:

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How to start a research paper: Step-by-Step Guide

30 Oct 2019

Many students delay writing a research paper from the very beginning of the writing process. This happens due to many reasons. Most often, students experience writer’s block where they open a document but can’t start writing. Another common reason is the lack of experience. In this case, students don’t know how to begin the introductory paragraph and have no idea how to prepare a creative and successful thesis statement.

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How To Write A Lab Report For Biology?

26 Oct 2019

If you are going to write a biology lab report for your college or university, you may need some guidelines on how to write it. Here you can find a guide for biology students. If you need help in writing a biology lab report for college or university, follow these simple instructions.a

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How To Write A Book Title In Essay Properly

24 Oct 2019

How to Write a Book Title and Author in Essay in APA Style

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