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Discovering the Perfect Voice-Over for Explainer Videos

The rise of the digital era has introduced various new ways to explore and enjoy video content. One of the most popular formats to hit the web in recent times is the ability to learn through electronic resources, referred to as e-Learning.

E-learning consists of a wide array of content, but the top of the list is the Explainer video format, a style of video that pairs up visuals and narration to gentle talk the viewer through a complicated concept, idea, or procedure.

The speaker is just as, if not more, important than the video itself. Students and teachers alike can benefit from this so that a voice-over professional can make all the difference in an average or exceptional explainer video.


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The Explainer Video Format

It may seem obvious, but the goal of an explainer video is to explain. That may seem reductive, but breaking down a complex idea or concept for an unknowledgeable audience can be tricky to get right.

An explainer video regarding the moon landing must break down literal rocket science to an audience that may not have any particular advanced scientific background. A well-written script and talented voice-over can enhance the viewer experience and assist in deconstructing the subject, enhancing the effectiveness of the video.

Animation is one of the more typical styles that an explainer takes on. The visual flair and ability to produce anything without restricting what can be put together in live-action is a massive boon to the explainer format.

How is voice-over used?

Voice-over is necessary for the explainer format; without a speaker to explain, the video would miss its mark. Discovering the perfect voice for a particular project is no small task; it can take great effort to discover a voice through the typical casting process or Play-to-Play (P2P) sites.

This difficulty is amplified where multilingual requirements and accents are concerned. Finding top-tier professional voice-over talents speaking any language or accent is reserved to the realms of specialist casting and production companies. But working with these platforms to find native speakers is essential to broadening your explainer video's appeal to a global audience.

Explainer Videos and Audience

Your explainer video content's style, register, and tone will change depending on the subject matter and target audience. A video that is focused on entertainment and education may be looking to target a more generalized audience. So the script and speaker will be tailored to match this demographic.

For instance, YouTuber CGP Grey producers educational/ entertainment explainer videos for a general audience. The topics vary depending on what is on the mind of Grey. However, they all offer deep explorations of the subject.

Which Planet is the Closest? - YouTube

Using an emotive, expressive, and personable voice, paired with a script that comes off quirky and rhythmic, helps make the video a joy to listen to and keeps audiences engaged.

Conversely, a less entertainment-centric topic will appeal less to a generalized audience and expect a degree of subject-specific interest from the viewership. This TED-Ed animation takes viewers through the operation of the Stock Market.

How does the stock market work? - Oliver Elfenbaum - YouTube

The focus here is the precise idea being explained, so the voice-over is less center-stage and instead aims to calmly detail the stock market concept. The audience isn't interested in-jokes; they are present for a singular purpose, which is reflected in the unobtrusive speaker.

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Multilingual Explainer

Explainer videos focus their attention on a multitude of different subjects, many of which are engaging and pertinent to audiences worldwide. Localizing your explainer video content can massively expand your audience to a new frontier, an international audience. This can breathe new life into your video content, as well as share your educational content with countless more people.

Una nueva historia para la humanidad: la era humana - YouTube

Kurzgesagt is a German YouTuber channel that focuses on scientific explainer videos. The mass appeal of this video style has been a massive hit. Therefore, a sister channel was born that localizes all Kurzgesagt content into Spanish.

A professional Spanish voice-over talent elevates the content to a quality comparable to the original. The speaker also carries many of the same mannerisms to the flagship channel's narrator, keeping with the necessary authenticity that should come with the channel content.

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