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History of Online Courses: An Infographic

I’ve been striving to study throughout my adulthood but sometimes universities simply cannot offer exactly what you need. There are countless subjects you can’t find at your high school, or college, or university, and sometimes, there are amazing courses from other disciplines you are restricted from taking.

A few years ago, I’ve discovered Coursera – an online learning platform that provides thousands of courses, from creative writing, that can help you write your coursework, research paper, basic math, design, neuroscience, and programming, available in most languages. For many people, including myself, online courses were the best discovery in their academic lives as this is the greatest opportunity to learn something that is actually valuable.  As a literature major, I could simply take an online calculus course, this was a saving grace. Surprisingly, a lot of the online courses, such as anatomy and physiology are free and are not that time-consuming at all.

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It was interesting to see how the idea of creating online educational platforms came to life, and how a small project in the 90’s has grown into a huge industry – which is why I am here to show you an infographic on the history of online courses.

history of online courses

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