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Best Summer Jobs For College Students

23 Apr 2018Student Tips

Finding summer jobs is a common practice among university and college students, who want to spend their summer usefully and earn some money. Some advantages of summer jobs for college students are obvious. Apart from making some money, such jobs can also give you some valuable experience, meet new people to gain not only friends but also some useful contacts, and increase your independence. However, there are many other benefits.

Here are a few arguments that prove that college student summer jobs can give you many benefits:

  • It gives an opportunity to study yourself;
  • It allows you to gain professional experience, which would be a plus for your future career;
  • It helps to build self-confidence;
  • It teaches you responsibility;
  • It helps you stay away from things that you shouldn’t be getting in to;
  • It helps you gain new skills;
  • It is a great way to learn obligation and time management for students.

And there are many other advantages! Most importantly – even if you won’t be able to find a high paying job, it still will bring you new experiences that should come in handy not only in your academic life but also in your future career! What job to search for and where a student can find it? Below we will give you some tips on this!

7 The Best Summer Jobs Ideas For College Students

  1. On-campus IT support job

This position requires you to have strong knowledge in IT and good communicational skills but if you can get it, it should become a great opportunity for you! Where to look for it? If you are looking for on-campus positions, the best way to find it is to ask your teachers or counselor – they will definitely give you the needed information and help with your application.

  1. Freelance Writer

Are you good at math, physics, literature or another subject? Do you handle different academic papers with ease? Then we have a great option for you – you can write essay for students or, if you are keen on something else (for example, sports, cooking, fashion, news or anything else) you can become a freelance writer for a blog or online magazine! Where to look for such vacancies? If you are planning to engage in academic writing – search for a suitable essay writing service, see if you meet the company’s requirements to writers, and apply for a position. Usually, every writing service, magazine or blog should have an online application form for writer’s position – thus, to get a job you will need to fill it and, as a rule, complete a test task (write a short text on a specific topic).

  1. Internship

How to find? There are many ways to learn about available internships. You can discover available opportunities online at special websites, ask at your university or someone you know, and explore the offers from the companies you are interested in. Finding an internship in a big and reputable company is definitely a big advantage for your future, which also will help you get a good source of income and make new useful contacts. However, becoming an intern will not be easy. Every internship offer has different requirements, so you have to ensure that you meet them.

  1. Golf player assistant

This job doesn’t require any specific skills or knowledge, except a good physical condition, but you should be ready to spend lots of time outside and carry around a heavy golf bag. To find such positions you can either visit the nearest golf clubs or their websites to see if there are any open vacancies and apply.

  1. Tutor

It is another great option for students with excellent academic performance. What are its benefits? This job can give you certain independence because you can create your own schedule and even become an online tutor to teach right from the comfort of your home! You can become a tutor through a special platform, if you meet the stated requirements or you can place your own advertisement online or in a newspaper to find students. This work can be well paid. However, you are required to have in-depth knowledge and good teaching skills.

  1. Fitness Instructor

This is one of those jobs for college students that require having certain skills and knowledge – you have to be fit, know the how to use different exercise equipment properly, have a first aid certificate, and know the basics of proper nutrition. How to apply? You can find the information on such vacancies online, in newspapers, or ask at different fitness centers in person.

  1. Lab assistant

This is the last but not less beneficial option for students. The requirements for such positions vary but usually, you would have to possess good knowledge in your field, good academic performance, and sometimes it may require certain skills. This won’t be a simple work. However, it is a great way to gain experience and improve your skills.

5 Tips How To Find Summer Jobs For Students

  • Define if you need any working papers and prepare them;
  • Get at least several references from previous employers, teachers, professors or other people;
  • Look for college student jobs online and apply for those that interest you;
  • Do not underestimate the use of networking in a search for work;
  • Apply for jobs for students in person.

These are the main steps that will help find a suitable work for college student. However, there are a few more things to keep in mind. It is important to start your search in advance, prepare all the necessary documents, write a good CV and motivation letter, not mentioning that it is important to dress appropriately.

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