5 Reasons To Use Google Docs For Writing Your Paper

Google Drive is a multi-purpose cloud storage for keeping different types of files which allows you to store all your documents, charts, audios, photos, and videos in one place and have constant access to all your files from different devices at any time, day or night. It also features many additional apps that give you the possibility to create files, presentations, and documents, with the possibility of future editing. Thus, it is a universal multi-purpose tool. 

What makes it good for students? In this article, we are going to talk about the possibilities while using Google Docs for writing various academic papers for college or university and the benefits it can give you.

Advantages Of Using Google Docs For Writing A Paper

Without a doubt, Google Docs for writers is a great tool that opens new opportunities and helps simplify the whole process to the maximum. Is it any helpful in education? It actually is! In fact, chances are that you will not feel the difference between writing your paper in Google Docs or Microsoft Word because the layout and main features are almost identical.

Here you have all the necessary tools for formatting, including the possibility to change fonts, text’s size, color, and all the other standard options that you get with any other text editor. Therefore, it is quite convenient. If you have experience working with Microsoft Word, mastering Google Docs will not be a problem for you!

Meanwhile, this tool offers you some significant advantages. It is free for all users and saves you from the risk of losing all your data because of some system error because all your information is stored online and auto-saved every few seconds. This also ensures accessibility.

It is quite important for a modern student to have access to his educational materials 24/7 and have the possibility to open their documents from any device including their smartphones, edit them or even write a college paper online. What other benefits does it give you? 

Top 5 Reasons To Use Google Docs For Writing

  1. The possibility to comment
  2. The possibility to share documents
  3. Ability to add different elements
  4. Ease of formatting
  5. Special additions

The possibility to comment

One of the most significant benefits is the fact that when you are working with this tool, you have an opportunity to give access to it to your teacher or a group of classmates (if it is a group task) and receive comments from them. For example, your teacher will be able to make corrections to your essay or give feedback about the content of your presentation. You will also have a chance to add some notes to the text if you want to change it later.

Also, you can reply to comments. This feature can come in handy as the author of the comment always receives an e-mail notification when a reply is left, which greatly simplifies communication.

The possibility to share documents

All your files can be edited, commented or reviewed by other users if you grant them access. This is especially convenient when you study at college. No matter where you are, you can grant access of your academic paper to the teacher and allow him or her to edit your documents, Additionally, your teacher can send you some documents, guidelines or assignments if needed. There is also a possibility to share any document via social networks.

This can come in handy when you are collaborating with your peers on a project or need to share some materials with the rest of the class.

Ability to add different elements

You can complete your projects with elements such as pictures, formulas, tables, links, special characters, and others when you use the Google Docs writing tool. This is useful for some major projects.

Ease of formatting

As was mentioned earlier, you can use all the standard formatting tools for making your paper look good. You can easily download the created file to your computer without losing its format settings and can even publish it on the Internet immediately. This is just an additional benefit that you will enjoy.

Special additions

What if your paper lacks some features? There are lots of free apps that expand the functionality of the service and can be easily installed. This opens almost unlimited possibilities for you, allowing you to experiment and install various add-ons and see how they work.

And these are only the top five benefits! Just imagine how much you can do when you get used to working with this tool. We believe, that with the help of safe and convenient functions offered by Google Docs and some effective tips for writing an essay you can make your papers flawless, wasting less time on their preparation!

Now you know that writing in Google Docs is not more difficult than using a Microsoft Word and it gives you numerous advantages. However, most importantly, it is convenient! Our lives have changed a lot over the last few decades and technological progress has given us numerous possibilities. Thus, it is important to keep up with progress, After all, such tools make our lives simpler!

If you have a tough time writing academic papers on your own, you ought to ask for some expert assistance, for example, at this coursework writing services to save time and get a guarantee of receiving a high grade.

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